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While Green Legacies' efforts have been focused primarily on Water Returns to date, its larger vision and purpose is to facilitate public/private collaborative projects in other areas of sustainability, e.g. low impact development, energy efficiency, stormwater management, etc.   The following goals are foundational to that vision and purpose:


Grow Green Legacies Website – Return to top

Since most of Water Returns’ Partners don’t have the time or resources to design and maintain a website or section of one dedicated to informing and equipping their customers regarding sustainable landscape practices, Green Legacies chose to create this website.  Key Client and Service Partners have been and will continue to be involved in the design and content of this site, which will be linked to all Partner websites, so that it is written specifically to their audience and targeted to meet their unique needs.  A part of the website also contains links to other industry websites, such as CWW, GreenCO, CSUX, IA and many others.


Obtain Grant Funding – Return to top

In order for Water Returns to expand its ability to meet the needs and opportunities described above, in terms of scope, value and volume, it will need supplemental funding in a few key areas, at least in the near term.  Research has been conducted, a short list of granting agencies identified and the application process will be commencing shortly, with the goal of receiving funding by October of this year.


Build Strategic Industry Relationships – Return to top

The opportunity exists to create mutually beneficial strategic relationships between Water Returns and other industry organizations; relationships that would not only advance the parties’ respective missions, but also their shared goal of fostering responsible water use and extending area water supplies.

Still an infant in comparison, Water Returns would clearly benefit from the technical resources, sophistication and namesake credibility of these entities, which could in turn open more doors related to supplemental funding.  At the same time, Water Returns’ non-profit status, unique structure and relationship with its Partners enables it to cross boundaries and go places, so to speak, that might be difficult or inaccessible for other organizations; taking their message to new audiences and expanding their reach to the front lines.  Water Returns would serve as a great advocate for these organizations’ principles, protocol and practices, as well as a mechanism for timely, controlled field testing, feedback and market implementation.