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The mission to significantly improve the way we use our natural resources is so substantial, complex and important that it demands teamwork to accomplish it.  We cannot afford to allow individual agendas, service boundaries, misperceptions, fear or other obstacles to keep us from harnessing the power of our combined talents and resources, which are required to satisfy this mission.      

Green Legacies is by design a natural platform for public-private collaboration centered around sustainability.  Not in competition with any stakeholders, Green Legacies exists to provide an environment for them to jointly develop and implement creative solutions to the challenges of natural resource stewardship.

Still an infant in comparison to most of its strategic allies, listed below, Green Legacies considers it a privilege to be engaged with them in such a vital endeavor:


Briargate Business Campus Owners Association

Brickman Group

Catamount Institute

Cherokee Metropolitan District

City of Colorado Springs

City of Fountain

Colorado State Univeristy Extension - El Paso County

Davey Tree Expert Company

Mountain Desert Investments

Security Water & Sanitation Districts

Water Matters